How can I find out which andro® RASANTER suits me and my game system best? >>
Main focus in the development laid on providing a suitable rubber for every type of player and performance level. Four degrees of hardness and two surface profiles ensure this. The RASANTER configurator can help you find the right RASANTER: www.andro-rasanter.de.
Can I play RASANTER as an average level player? >>
RASANTER is designed to cover a wide range of players, from the absolute top player to the mid-class player, who can benefit from this new rubber technology. Different degrees of sponge hardness and thickness allow to find the ideal rubber type in the RASANTER line also for average level players.
If RASANTER compensates the spin loss of the new Cellfree balls, will I get more spin with the partly used celluloid balls, too? >>
RASANTER has been specially developed for the use with Cellfree balls, but also works excellently with Cellulloid balls with significant gain in speed and rotation.
What is a Cellfree or 40+ ball? >>
Table tennis balls have so far consisted of celluloid. However, since this material is very flammable and internationally classified as “Dangerous Good”, the ITTF decided to replace Celluloid with plastic a few years ago. Table tennis balls made of plastic are also referred to as Cellfree balls, 40+ balls or simply as plastic balls.
I have never heard of the sponge thickness Ultramax. What’s it all about? >>
An essential component of the RASANTER line is the new Ultramax sponge. This is an extra-fat sponge with a maximum thickness at about 2.3 mm and can thus produce more speed and catapult than a conventional sponge.
Why will the RASANT line be removed from the market? >>
Following the motto “The better is the enemy of the good” the RASANT series is fully replaced by RASANTER. With RASANTER we have developed a rubber technology that will bring benefits for at least the same, but more likely for even a larger group of players than RASANT. These advantages, especially in terms of spin, speed and performance are so significantly better that it has been the only logical consequence.
Will the RASANT CHAOS also run out? >>
No. Since the RASANTER line does not have any pimple outside rubber, the RASANT CHAOS will remain the only RASANT rubber in the market.
How long do the andro® RASANT rubbers remain on the ITTF rubber list? >>
andro® RASANT has been very successful world wide. Therefore there are no plans to terminate the ITTF approval for this product.
I’ve played andro® RASANT to date. How can I find out which RASANTER is the best according to my prior RASANT choice? >>
In order to find a direct replacement for the previously used RASANT we recommend to take a look at the hardness levels of both rubber series. For example, if you have played a RASANT (medium) before, you should take a closer look at the medium rubbers of the RASANTER family.
The RASANTER configurator on www.andro-rasanter.de is a practical help.
A major advantage of andro® RASANTER is the new Ultramax sponge. But what advantages does RASANTER offer in the sponge thicknesses 1.7 and 2.0 mm? >>
andro® RASANTER is also convincing in the thinner sponge thicknesses 1.7 and 2.0 mm as the player benefits from the new cell structure and the newly developed thinner surface rubber above all.
The new cell structure results in a strong catapult effect, which also brings a slight, well-dosed plus in terms of speed, even with thinner sponges. The newly developed surface rubber simultaneously increases the spin potential immensely.